Who We Are

NKCA represents nonprofit kidney care providers that collectively serve 27,000 patients annually at more than 300 facilities in 30 states. Each provider has cared for patients for more than 20 years. 

The Nonprofit Kidney Care Alliance places the patient first, and improving the quality of care, including the patient experience, is our primary goal.  In a patient-centered approach, achieving certain quality of care and efficiency metrics should be achieved to improve overall treatment. As a group, we learn best practices from our partners and address current fragmentation in care for our patients.

NKCA seeks to pursue the following goals: 

  • Improve the health-related quality of life for patients on dialysis

  • Improve the coordination of patient care to help prevent renal failure and to improve morbidity and mortality

  • Design, share, describe, investigate, and explore new ways to help our patients

  • Educate policymakers about the lessons we learn and serve as a resource to other experts who seek to promote efficient and effective care to dialysis patients